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Prairie Classic 2014

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What exactly was the best part about the Prairie Classic this year? Well I would definitely have to say that the fact we were able to be inside in the heat rather than outside freezing was quite exciting. For those of you from the north who do not understand, when it gets cold in Texas, [...]

Sun Country 2014

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We definitely had fun in the sun this year in Arizona!! No doubt it was the best weather we have ever had out there. Sad that we had to come home to arctic temperatures here in Texas. Not only was the weather outstanding, but team Frid probably had the best Sun Circuit ever. Thank you [...]

The Fall and Early Winter

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This blog will as well be a bit more short and to the point than those previous. Maybe 2014 will find my creative writing skills wanting to be a bit more exciting. For the fall we have the Novice Championships, The Congress, and World Show. First off we must discuss the fact that Congress did [...]

Late spring and summer

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So yes I have been very lazy in my blogging as it is now February 2014 and I am writing about events that occurred 8 and 9 months ago. Well as they say better late than never. (I also promised Dana that I would get it done) Here it is, a very short summary of [...]