March To The Arch 2014

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You would think that one year maybe, just maybe we could escape the bad weather in St Louis. It just must not be meant to be is all I can say. It was a little better this year, but as the show was finishing up, a major winter squall blew in forcing us to run with our tails between our legs back to Texas. On a positive note, the show numbers were up a good bit this year with is awesome since all the proceeds go to such an outstanding cause. Another huge positive was that Mandy and Lucy surprised us and came to the show. We are so proud of Mandy and support her new venture with boyfriend Ryan and Tommy Sheets. Tommy had better be getting Lucy a new chair tough, or else she will be the only one sporting brown in a sea of Sheets red.

Rider of the show goes for the second show in a row to Dana Wetherell. Let me tell everyone, this chick is on fire!! We always say that it can take a while to get all the pieces, but when it all comes together watch out. Well Dana is total living proof of this fact with a huge show and even a big win over BFF Michelle on one card in the Horsemanship the last day!

Horse of the show this time out goes to steady eddy Visible Investment, aka Dudley. Anne and Dudley have been steady and strong since joining the family, but set him over the top this week was his big wins in the Trail and Western Riding, Though not usually their strongest events, the duo won all six cards the first day of completion, and were on track to do the same the last day if it had not been for the madness with the weather. Congrats Anne on another great show.

Always there in the top running for rider of the show is the amazing Michelle Forness. She did prove that she was human the first day in the horsemanship with a 180 turn the incorrect way, but unfortunately for the competition all that did was fuel the fire, and she laid it on everyone last day in typical Michelle and Stretch fashion. I cannot remember her exact showmanship results, but do remember them at the top under every judge. It is so great to see this unstoppable team back together this year. (And someone said he couldn’t turn right!! Whatever!!) Sorry Michelle but I think the little saddle is coming out soon.

Team Berger flew in for a short but sweet time with Payton and Alyssa suited up for competition. Payton as usual smoked all comers in the Western Riding, but found herself in strange territory at this show in the horsemanship. She had a great pattern the first round, but let me tell you, that 13 and under was crazy tough. I would have taken any one of them against all the 14-18 riders. The second round Payt and I went for a bit more out of Mr Perfect Tommy and the team laid it on them with a near flawless pattern. Don’t let me leave out for second their dominance in the showmanship. Jenny is quickly turning this team into something to watch.

Alyssa and Hatch are beginning to prove to everyone that they do belong in the Am Horsemanship class, and in the top group to boot. It really is amazing what can happen when you start using your feet to control everything. Lol. It has taken me a bit to convince Alyssa, but now that she has gotten on the path bright things are coming in her future. Our only dilemma now is that I have her riding Hatch so well for the horsemanship that we have to remember the importance of relaxing in the trail pen. I feel confident it won’t take long to get both classes lined out.

Morgan Brehm and Hez All That were able to join us for the first half of the show before all that bad weather moved in. Morgan has been putting an extreme amount of work into learning the trail. Though she has been riding a long time, trail has never been one of the classes on her roster. In only her second show she is advancing extremely quickly and starting to negotiate some very tough patterns. Bradley can be a tough one at times to get through the trail as you have to never allow him to get ahead of you. Slowly but surely, Morgan is steering herself into the placings routinely. I am sure will find herself at the top quite soon.

Our final customer to be competing this show was Amanda Pereira and her horse From The First Hello. Being a school teacher, and having to travel all the way from Ontario have made practicing at the house next to impossible this winter, so Amanda rode as much as she could this week to get prepped for competition. Toni, her mare, has many new control buttons installed since she last rode her, but Amanda found them with ease and had some of her best rides to date. It is too bad she was unable to stay for the last day of Horsemanship since it would have been her first flying lead change ever in competition. We will have to wait till next time.

We looking forward to seeing everyone this next week in Waco.

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