Waco Texas Spring Show

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The March show in Waco means one major thing. Kids are on spring break, and anyone not on family vacation planned on invading us to come ride!! As we all know the more time in the saddle, the stronger rider everyone is. Sharese Rivait, Paige Wacker, Payton Neiberger, and new select rider Robin Beall were all able to append the entire week with us prepping for the show. Unfortunately the new show from last year did not really draw much of a crowd this time around. Oh well, for many of us a small show was exactly what was needed to either get back started again, or to work on repetitive skills that were in need of maintenance.

For the first time in a while the Rider and Horse of the Show went to the same team. Out of a short retirement and fighting her way through the blustery snow came Sharese Rivait and Show Your Invitation. Both have been on r&r since the Congress in October so I figured that it might take a bit to shake all that rust off. Fortunately they were able to work the bugs out at the house and showed up in Waco ready for business. She did have a few small little mishaps, but all in all looked quite good taking home multiple circuits and the high point youth overall.

A close runner up for Rider of the Show was one of the head Neuberger’s, mother Lisa. Lisa has been practicing for a while now with Save Your Assets, aka Louie, getting ready to show in the horsemanship. In her debut Lisa won both cards and were first and 3rd the second day earning her the circuit in that class. Louie has been off with a soundness issue for almost two years and this marked his return to competition. Great job to you both!

The Canadian invasion continued with Amanda Pereira and her horse From The First Hello. Being a school teacher demands a lot of hours so getting to have Amanda with us two shows in a row is quite rare. The duo not only continued to perfect their trail runs, but also had flying lead changes in every pattern class which they executed with ease. Along with Sharese, Amanda won multiple circuits including the Open Hunter Under Saddle, giving her the high point Amateur status to boot!!

The third Canuck to join us was Kim Allen. Kim has been also been on a hiatus from showing with a shoulder injury earned while playing broomball back home. (But remember that she did get injured sacrificing her body to score the winning goal. Commendable if you ask me.) Kim and Diesel rocked the Select classes as usual winning the all-around and multiple circuits along the way. Great to have them back out there.

Also from the great white north was newcomer to the team Robin Beall. Robin and I are having a struggle in that she is working on dragging me into the pleasure pen, while I have plans to make her horse She’s Talkin Frost a junior all around prospect. Though our first day was a bit rough learning Maddie holes in the pen, we improved greatly the second day with signs of a great future. Robin, who hails almost from Canada, northern Minnesota, plans on being back to the nice Texas weather soon to put even more time in the saddle with Maddie. I bet we see this team in the horsemanship before long.

Paige Wacker and Jackson made this show their fourth in a row, and finally, yes finally she was able to get through both her Equitation and Horsemanship classes without a major bobble. Queen of the Showmanship class has been outstanding as a handler, but has had a problem here and there perfecting her riding classes. Not this week, throwing out lead changes, spins, and fast circles. She even executed a Reining pattern for good luck.

I am going to group the last two together not out of laziness, but rather than we hear their names so often at the top of the blog, all the winning gets a bit repetitive. Lol. For Alyssa and Payton Neiberger this show was very much about maintenance of themselves and their horses in order to stay sharp at the larger ones. We worked all week on the slow aspects of trail, and the details needed in the Western Riding class. Both girls even entered the dreaded pleasure class in order to get our rail work back in order. (Alyssa even won money off of me for perfecting her back up one day.)

We are excited about our weekend off coming up and look forward to seeing everyone in Oklahoma City next.

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