Lost Blog of 2014

Posted On February 24, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

So as expected I fell short yet again on keeping up with the horse show blogs. As pointed out by one of the more observant clients, it happened right at the point when one of here horses took charge of the Horse of the Show awards. With that in mind, this one is for you Dana Wetherell and Jethro!!! (Let me ask for forgiveness now if I forget anyone)

Yes Jethro did rise to the occasion on more than once during the spring and summer shows! Unfortunately due to injury we had to cease showing him and pull up the second stringer Star Studded Rolex to fill in the gaps. Hey wait a minute, who is calling Duke a second string horse!!! Reserve at the Congress and thanks to Dana now the reigning NSBA World Champion Amateur Horsemanship horse!!! Yes folks that’s right, Dana Wetherell is officially our newest World Champion!!!

The summer shows featured several huge success stories including multiple circuit champions at the Redbud Spectacular, as well as Kim Allen and Diesel riding high as the High Point Select team!! Other top stories include Sharese Rivait and Ross winning the Reserve Title in Youth Showmanship at the NSBA World and Lauren Love receiving more victories than can even be mentioned with her new horse Wearin Only Moonlight. A few I can remember are her clean sweep in the 3 yr old pleasure futurities at the Tom Powers, and Angie Cannizaro laying it on all comers during the Open 3 yr old at the NSBA World!!

Moving into the fall we saw Anne Wilson and Visible Investment earn their 5th consecutive victory at the Select World Show in Showmanship. Pam Meltzer also rose to the top at the Select World winning the Equitation aboard Jose Lucky Pat! Todd Lee came so close to his first gold trophy in the Performance Mares at the Select World walking away as the Reserve World Champion.

With me judging the Congress this year we obviously did not attend, however a couple customers did go ahead and show with me conflicting out of their classes. Sharese Rivait and Show Your Invitation won the 12-14 Trail under the guidance of Amanda Gately and Ryan Cottingim. Thank you both for your help with Ross and Sharese! Lauren and Moonshine also rose to the top with two reserve place finishes in the 3 yr old non-pro pleasure classes. Though I never got to watch them show, I did get to peak through the curtain at one point to see Lauren win her title during the awards presentation!!

Again if I forgot anyone in this blog I truly apologize. Let’s see if I can get further into the year this time before I run out of things to say. lol

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