Sun Country 2015

Posted On February 24, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

Unfortunately the Sun Country did turn into the Mud Country for part of the show this year. It was gorgeous and 70 degrees plus until the youth arrived when the temperatures dropped and sky opened up. At least the rain let up by the last day when we had to load up and head for the house. One huge huge announcement for the show was the introduction of our new full time employee Jenny Jordan!!! Jenny recently made the tough decision to step down from the corporate world for a while and pursue her passion for coaching. I guess that means that I have to bow down to the fact there is a new sheriff in town, and I had better behave.

After serious consideration the rider of the show was a landslide victory for Trevor Forness!!! Wait, he doesn’t even ride, but yes the man can cook!! Trevor and Michelle cooked dinner for all of us at least 7 different nights throughout the show. The menu ranged from his famous pizza, to brisket, to smoked salmon and things in between. Add to this was some amazing Michelle desserts and we were definitely the best fed barn on campus!

Horse of the show I would say had to go to either Stretch Machine or to Credits For Heaven. Hatch was his usual trusted self with some big placings with me and Alyssa in the trail and Western Riding. Stretch I am happy to announce may have finally turned into a big boy with easy warmups and steady eddie performances each time out.

Paige Wacker and her new teammate Javah Mon made a huge splash in the youth with points in all 3 of her classes and a huge win under Gretchen Mathis in the Equitation. Clay Arrington joined up with the youth team again and showed some huge promise with his new 5 yr old Miracle taking home some top placings in the open green and junior trail. Yes that’s right, the open!! Great job Clay!

All in all it was not the strongest start we have ever had to a year, but with the fact that most of our team had not been in the show pen since September it went well. If any of you out there know us at all though be sure that we will pull out all the stops to climb back up to the top quickly!

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