Training to compete is a serious commitment and one that is valued at Robin Frid Show Horses. The first step is the evaluation process, finding out what you and your horse can do, have done and can potentially achieve. As a new student client, your first 15-30 days with Robin will be spent exploring existing talents, assessing the abilities of your horse, your relationship with your steed, as well as determining and dissecting areas of improvement and growth. The initial evaluation is vital to craft a training program that will achieve your ultimate goals.

Robin and Jenny know champions. They work to create them every day. And more importantly, they succeed.

Each client is different and programs are devised based on the ability of the rider and their horse. This may incorporate simple basics to establish a foundation for competition or building on an existing presence while providing refinement techniques. Each rider and horse is different. There is no “cookie cutter” approach at Robin Frid Show Horses. Only complete dedication to the plan – the constantly evolving plan for championship success.

The program is not a “walk in the park,” nor is it a demanding way to learn to compete and win. It is a balance; what makes you and your horse strong competitors and ultimate champions. Clients are expected to arrive ready to work, focus, learn and be an integral part of the experience. Feedback, communication, questions and curiosity as to “why” are not only encouraged, but expected. At the same time, taking direction, listening, working and dedicating yourself to your goal is always a must.

Both Robin and Jenny know their younger students and more accomplished horsewomen and men, share the same passion to grow, excel and succeed. Each client and horse is equipped with an individual personality and skill set. As a team, Robin and Jenny share a loyal commitment to design and work a training program that not only develops and changes with your progression, but also challenges both you and your horse to achieve your personal definition of success.

Reaching goals is admirable. Cultivating a sense of inner pride and respect for you and your horse’s true abilities is the difference between a competitor and a champion. Robin and Jenny know champions. They work to create them every day. And more importantly, they succeed.