Robin Frid

Focused Loyalty


The term stand up guy has never been more aptly applied until you’ve met Robin Frid. A true horseman who from the age of six understood that to be one with your steed and become a champion in life requires commitment, loyalty, respect and constant personal evolution. Not only for yourself, but for those who trust in you to guide and lead you to your competitive goals. Robin brings these life lessons and beliefs to each client as he creates the Quarter Horse champions of the future.


A native of Ontario, Canada, Robin left behind the land of hockey (yes he did play) to pursue a passion that was ignited when he took a ride on his first pony, Maggie Trudeau (named in honor of the then Canadian Prime Minister), or “Maggie T” as she was affectionately dubbed. While a child’s pleasure and delight of discovering the unique bond between horse and rider, the ultimate realization of this as a way and principle of life quickly took hold for young Robin.


Relocating to the states in 1991, Robin undertook enlightening, challenging and arduous apprenticeships for top trainers allowing him to grow personally and professionally. He reveled in this valuable tutelage by greats in the industry and honed his talent not only as a successful competitor but more importantly, as a truly effective trainer.


These traits allow him to produce champions; changing lives and helping to achieve personal successes.


Beginning with Garth and Sonnesa Gooding in Michigan and finally heading south to the state where horses and horsemanship are kings – Texas. He worked and grew his vision with the drive and dedication of a champion. Culling knowledge from his mentors and honing his wits with daily challenges, Robin quickly made a name for himself as a dedicated professional, true competitor and a horseman with a drive for success.


From Hobby Farms in Cypress, Texas to Rawhide Blackwell in Burleson, Texas and Pullin Ranch in Conroe, Texas, Robin learned, endured and focused his dream while always giving back to those who assisted in his climb to success. Then, and only then, could this dedicated and loyal horseman, with a love for competition and a belief in client’s dreams, start Robin Frid Show Horses.


Based in Argyle, Texas Robin took his innate love and passion for Quarter Horses and their riders, combined it with his strong ethical fiber and built the one training facility where he shares his talent, experience and most of all “true gut” loyalty and honesty with students from around the country. These traits allow him to produce champions; changing lives and helping to achieve personal successes.


Spend just a little time with him and you will quickly learn he is a no nonsense fellow. He is his harshest critic although he is not afraid to fail. “Failure comes from preventing yourself to try and then keeping yourself from change so you can succeed.” This is Robin’s mindset and has benefited a wide range of clients from preteens and youth to young, middle and more mature women and men.


His complete loyalty to and respect for each client knows no bounds.


His clients know him as a straightforward trainer who is even more devoted to their success than sometimes, they are. While a successful competitor in his own right with an impressive array of prestigious championship wins under his belt, he does not see his business as an occupation; but as a personal dedication, a mantra if you will, of bringing his love of learning, competing, evolving and discovery to each client. It’s simply not about him. It’s about the relationships built, goals achieved and respect for the individuality of each person and horse he trains.


Robin is both a strong teacher and guide. His complete loyalty to and respect for each client knows no bounds. While his life completely revolves around his student clients, the shows he judges, the horse trade organizations in which he is an active member as well as the horses he boards, trains and cares for as his own, he does find time for other pursuits. He has acquired a new passion of cycling and maintains his love of downhill skiing, at which, as you can imagine, he excels as if he were in a show arena.


While the word downtime is not in his vocabulary he delights in travel and absorbing the who, what and why of different cultures. He has even adapted to the culture of his new home state – steak and sweet tea, Robin? Yes he has become a Texan. But more importantly he has never stopped being a true stand up guy. Focused, loyal, accountable and the creator of champions.