Clinics & Shows 2020

2021 Schedule


Dec 27th – Jan 6th

Florida Gulf Coast: Tampa, Florida


Jan 14th – 18th

Judge Las Vegas

Feb 3rd – 7th

Prairie Classic: Oklahoma City, OK


Feb 29th – March 7th

Arizona Sun Circuit, Scottsdale, AZ


March 10th- 14th

March to the Arch, Fort Worth, TX


March 18th- 22nd

Convention, San Antonio, TX


March 18th – 21st

Aggie Circuit, College Station, TX (Canceled)

March 30th  – April 3rd

Spring Show: Oklahoma City, OK


April 21st – 25th

Texas Festival, Waco, TX


May 7th – 16th

Ohio Madness: Wilmington, OH


May 28th – 31st

Lexington, KY


June 2nd – 6th

Lexington, KY



Tulsa Holiday Circuit, Tulsa, OK


July 14th – 18th

Pump Jack Circuit, Abilene, TX


July 28th – Aug 8th

AQHYA World Show: Oklahoma City, OK


August 12th – 22nd

NSBA World: Tulsa, OK


Sept 28th – Oct 24th

Quarter Horse Congress: Columbus, OH



AQHA World Show, Oklahoma City, OK